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Humble Healing Holistic Herbs offer free consultations to everyone as a token of appreciation for the great support everyone has offered to our company. Please note that all times are Pacific Standard Time aka California Time. Please have any health concerns ready to ask the Nutritionist, a pen and paper for necessary notes, and any medical records that you would like to have on file. 
All members that book a complimentary consultation receive a 20% discount towards purchase.
If you would like to appear on our upcoming Podcast/Youtube Health Channel to discuss how Humble Healing Holistic Herbs has helped you or Any other alkaline herbal company please notify Herbalist and you will receive 50% off the entire store for up to 1 year. (Rules subject to change without notice)
Our Herbalist/Nutritionist Bella has experience with diabetes, herpes, H Pylori, weight loss, detox, fertility issues, lifestyle change assistance, life coach, and alkaline nutrition. 
Medical Form Consent Must Be Signed Prior to becoming a guest on our show.