About Us

Alexis Petit AKA BellaMakk on social sites is a Health Official and studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor at Bastyr University San Diego. Alexis partners with CEOs of alternative health companies, health executives, and solopreneurs in locating the best product that not only she has used herself but have recommended to her very own family. After spending over a decade in Customer Service and Business she has finally decided to dedicate her life to helping others get healthy. Alexis knows what truly drives the promotion of health and how to conduct exquisite business. It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate understanding back to them.

Alexis has landed a partnership with the late Alfredo “Dr. Sebi” Bowman’s son Victor Bowman (Www.BolingoBalance.Com) and acquires the herbs/teachings from the authentic source. Dr. Sebi is a known healer who has successfully eliminated diabetes, herpes, HIV & Aids, cancer, sickle cell, obesity, and many other dis-eases. The discovery of Dr. Sebi has helped Alexis heal herself from diabetes, obesity, and fertility ailments. Alexis has been involved with the Sebi family since 2014 and has achieved the ability of healing herself and members of her family. Alexis is a trained health advisor of 5 years with lessons from the Sebi family, Dr. Michael Greger author of How Not To Die, and through paid education.

Alexis holds a Bachelor’s degree in science from Columbia Southern University, a Master’s degree in Public Health from Columbia Southern University, and pursuing her Doctorate’s degree in Naturopathic Medicine. Her ultimate dream is to one day open an alternative health facility. 


Media Inquiries please email: info@humblehealingholistics.com